New discoveries and breakthroughs unveil unknown chapters of human history and push the research envelope

Research Infrastructure

A full array of state-of-the-art facilities, institutes, and research centers create an environment for fostering frontier research and innovation.

Greater Bay Area

The emerging development of the Greater Bay Area sees ample opportunities for our University to propel technology development forward and drive innovation?in the region.

Knowledge Transfer

Our strong knowledge transfer infrastructure builds and sustains close collaborations between the University, businesses and the public sector to bring innovation?to life.

Research Focus

Data Science

By combining the power of computer science and statistics, data science provides deep insights into information, helping to efficiently manage the world around us and optimize our decisions.


By focusing on renewable energy and environmental technologies using both our initiatives and research, we are working to ensure that our planet is preserved for generations to come.

Public Policy

We lead the effort in the development of public policy to guide the way society engages with science, technology, and innovation in order to meet ethical, institutional, and legal standards.

Autonomous Systems & Robotics

We take the lead in developing a smarter and more efficient world as we explore further opportunities of how artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and robotics can help make our lives better and easier.

Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship

By focusing on design and systems thinking, specific technology strength, and entrepreneurial spirit, great ideas could become the next big thing.